Walter Cronkite is Dead

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A fierce thunderstorm has shut down airports up and down the East Coast. Two women, who appear to have nothing in common, are stuck in a waiting area at Reagan National Airport. Patty is a chatty southerner—a blue-collar woman from a red state—who is almost physically unable to tolerate silence. Margaret is a Washingtonian, reserved, educated, liberal and not interested in sharing her thoughts, or her table, with Patty. Forced together for a long night in a public place, the two strangers have no choice but to share a bottle of wine and begin to talk…and to listen. Their conversation is funny, difficult, deeply revealing and astonishingly frank. Patty and Margaret share details of their lives that lead them to a place of kinship neither of them could have imagined. Yes, Walter Cronkite is dead, but his wisdom and compassion lives on in this insightful comedy about what might be possible if people from opposite sides of the political aisle would stop shouting and take even one night to listen.

The Great American Trailer Park Musical

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Liz Smith, of the NY Post, describes this as: “A delicious new musical. The joint is jammed and jumping with raucous laughter. It’s like ‘The Honeymooners’ meets ‘The Best Little Whorehouse’ in
‘Urinetown.’” This delectable morsel of modern America explores the relationships between the tenants of the Armadillo Acres Trailer Park in Florida. You’ll meet Pippi, “the stripper on the run;” the Dr. Phil-loving, agoraphobic Jeannie; Jeannie’s tollbooth collector husband, Norbert; anger-management-challenged Duke; and Betty, Lin, and Pickles, the wise (and wisecracking) chorus. Musical numbers include gems such as “This Side of the Track,” “Flushed Down the Pipes,” and “Road Kill.”