Stefanie Hero

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1998-1999 Season

Imagine: Your father goes off to be a hero and you are left to deal with everything. Your mother doesn’t want to mother anymore so you have to. Your brothers and sister need to be taken care of so you take care of them. The really scary thing is that your father is the king and your mother, the queen. You are a princess and you have to take control. And you’re just a young girl. Throw in an evil sorcerer, a dragon, several spells, a mysterious knight and some swans, and you’re off on a most delightful journey. First Stefanie’s mother is turned into a tear drop and her brothers and sister are turned into swans. This is all the doings of the evil Leopold T. Bosco. Why is he doing this? He wants Stefanie all to himself. But, with the aid of Horace, the sorcerer’s assistant, and Debra, a real swan, Stefanie sets off to tackle the tasks that right all the wrongs. She must collect a scale from the tail of Madame Zhenobia, the dragon from the Kingdom of the Stars, take a thistle from Madame’s garden, and many more adventures to conquer the evils she faces. It’s just not easy being a princess these days.