My Emperor’s New Clothes

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Everyone is familiar with the timeless story by Hans Christian Andersen, but the present version abounds in delightful differences: The action now takes place in the mythical kingdom of Mango-Chutney, which has a parade every day, a one-man army named Pony, and an Emperor who is known as the wisest man in the world because he has read the dictionary all the way through. The Emperor, deciding to hold a special parade for which he must have the most beautiful clothes in the world, offers half of the state treasury to the weaver who comes up with the finest cloth. And being as wise as he is, he also announces that he will give the other half of the treasury plus the hand of his daughter, Princess Farthingale to anyone who can make him believe that something is real when actually it is not. Needless to say all this leads to much furious activity and some diabolical plotting by Skreech and Clodney, two oafish spies from neighboring Bulgravia. And while it is touch and go for a while, all ends happily and in a burst of song as the villains are routed, the Princess united with her true love, and the Emperor saved by the cheerfully vocal intercession of the enthralled audience.