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Painting Churches

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1988-1989 Season

Painting Churches… was the second show of the 88-89 season. As I began compiling clips and photos for tonight, I had a surprising and sobering realization. Churches was the first show I did with OxACT, and I played the daughter of a poet and his wife, played by Ray Carleton and Mollie Weller. The play was directed by Biz Campbell, and Nora Ellen was the assistant director. The sobering realization was that, of the five of us, only Nora Ellen and I are left. Mollie passed several years ago, followed by Biz in 2004, and Ray just a couple of years ago. I started to think about all of the people who have been involved with OxACT who have gone to the Ultimate After Party, and wanted us to take just a moment to remember them. Ray, Mollie, Biz, Bob White, Jim Malott, Marcia Olcott, and Bill Bruhn, along with Michael Benson, Betty Stousland, Mollie’s husband Harry, and I’m sure many others I don’t know about. I have no doubt that everyone here tonight has fond memories of someone, or several someones, who aren’t here to share this evening with us. Well, truth be told, I’m sure they are sharing it….”
– Becky Howard, at the OxACT 30th Anniversary Gala