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The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe

Written by Jane Wagner

OxACT production November, 2004

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The cast:

Seated (L-R): Mandy Shannon, Deb Richardson

Standing (L-R): Debi Parker, Donna Stevens, JuliaGrace Jester, Molly Wanko, Cathy McVey

A (mostly) happy bunch:

(from top left, L-R)

Cathy McVey, Deb Richardson, Debbie Parker, Donna Stevens, Mandy Shannon, Molly Wanko (in an Agnus kind of mood), JuliaGrace Jester (in a Trudy kind of mood).

Lynn (Mandy Shannon), Marge (Cathy McVey), Edie (Donna Stevens) rehearse the art gallery performance piece


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