The Woolgatherer

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Our first production of the 2023-24 season!

Tickets on sale NOW! Reservations can be made by phone at 513-523-6228, or purchased online through this link:

by William Mastrosimone

directed by Cathy and Michael McVey

This “opposites attract” story features Rose, a shy dime-store clerk, and Cliff, a hardworking truck driver, who struggle to find love. First staged in 1979, The Woolgatherer “profiles two lonely people who have nothing in common except that they are in the same room together, yet by the end of the play, they have found each other, soothing their respective senses of isolation and loneliness.” (VC Onstage Review)

Profanity, Poetry, Humor, Hauntings, Wackos, Wine, Birds, Beer, Sweaters, Sweets, and
Nosy Old Ladies