Founding Patrons

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These are the names of the founding patrons of the Oxford Area Community Theater. Without their faith in the future of community theater in our town, we wouldn’t be here.

Susan Braunig

Bill Brewer

Sgt. David Broxterman, USA

William and Charlotte Bruhn

Allan and Christina Button

Robert and Biz Campbell

Roger and Marilyn DeSoucy

Randy and Bev Devirendt

Edgar Dupont

The General Store/Finishing Touches

John and Kathy Gerberick

Dave and Becky Heckert

Bill and Jane Hollingsworth

Michael Keller

Joe and Janet Kretschmer

Jack Liles

John Lowrey


Mrs. C. Rollin Niswonger

Jack and Sally Southard

C. E. and Betty Stousland

Dennis and Helen Sullivan

Stephen E. Toney

William and Dixie Utter

Kaye York-Longworth